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#1: Akame ga Kill!! ch.3

Posted on May 1, 2012 by in Akame ga Kill | 31 comments

I found a translation for this chapter on mangahelpers by Lucifell and it wasn’t reserved to any group, so it looked like a nice pick for our first release. Yai for me. Join PinkFatale! I need a translator interested in series with comedy and romance. Do you like ecchi? you are the man!

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The previous chapters were done by the now dead group otakami. You can get those chapters from mangatraders, or read them online here.


  1. ‘w ‘ oh cool, someone finally pick this up.

    I was hyping myself by reading vol 1-3 RAW of it a while ago.

  2. Thanks picking this up, even if it happens to be for only for one chapter.

  3. New group but great job… Impressive, salute to you. Keep up the great work and don’t join the dark side (i.e. watermarkers) Would be great to see you do more of this (but as mentioned, you need translators… of course…) In the event someone else decides to revive this series after your release, I pray that it ain’t some LQ WMing group.

    Good luck in future releases and keep up the great work.

  4. Really hoping you guys get translator for this, such a waste of good series to be forgotten.

  5. Didn’t know of this series till now, read the chapters and loved em. Thanks for everything, hope you’ll be able to continue this great series. *reading the raws now, can’t get enough ><*

  6. oh man, finally there is somebody decided to pick this up
    thank you very much

  7. Thanks for the release, and good luck with the new group!

  8. Awesome stuff
    Hope you can continue translating this series.

  9. thank you very much for picking this up!!

  10. please you must keep this series going you have no idea how long we waited for this series please i beg of you keep this series going

  11. So great, I love this series and was hoping someone translate it, thx a lot

  12. Guys, please find a translator for this. From the raws this is an awesome manga, I hope you can continue scanlating this. ;-;

  13. The first chapter totally surprised me! I thought it was only a typical shounen but it is definitely not.
    Thanks for scanlating chapter 3! I really am hoping that you will be able to continue this unusual series.

  14. many thanks for picking up this manga, please keep it coming! ^_^

  15. Nice, thanks for picking this up. It sure has been a long time since the last release… I won’t read it now since I barely even remember the last things that happened so I’ll have to reread chapter 2 before this.

  16. Thanks for picking up this series. it’s got tons of potential. Keep up the good word :)!

  17. Wow, it’s really been a while since a series started off so well! The author has done a really good job of balancing originality with mainstream appeal. The slightly dark tone is a refreshing change to the typical shounen manga. Everyone should take a look and of course support Pink Fatale for doing a great job.

  18. sweet!!! Love it!!! very much!!! This is very much my type of manga. I very hope you guys find a translator and try to translate till the very end, cuz it will be such a huge waste for this manga to disappear! I’ll be rooting you guys for future chapters and similar mangas!!! (=0″)=0
    P.S. kirby says he likes it as well.

  19. Thanks alot for picking up this dead project. I appreciate your efforts ^^

  20. thx for picking up this, good luck for the future ^ㅂ^

  21. try your best to keep this manga alive! been waiting almost a year for someone to do this and i appreciate that u did

  22. Truth be told, I didn’t know this project was going to be so popular. The original idea was to attract some attention towards this new group and then try to start a couple of projects. But the response was so positive that now I feel this project should be my main priority. Well, let’s hope PinkFatale can release more chapters of Akame. More news as they are available.

  23. god,its a nice manga! all the best! ^^

    (thanks for the scans (and TL as well)!)

  24. i was waiting for this chapter thank you for translating this. and good luck for the future !! =)

  25. YES!! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for the last 330 days (literally)!

    Good quality scanlation as well so congratz on that! And what a nice chapter it was, it really is proving to be quite a good manga.

  26. awesome I enjoyed reading the first 2 chapters a long time ago and I’m totally grateful for the 3rd chapter of this good luck on the other chapters. P.S. If you need help with Spanish -> English I can definately help and good luck with any other releases

  27. Thank you for taking up this series! I’ve been wanting to read this for a couple months now but no group took it up. I really appreciate it and you can take your time with this series. No need to tire yourselves out and get bored of the manga. I hope you continue this series for a while and once again thanks! Or should I say it in the only Japanese I know 😛 Arigatou Pinkfatale!

  28. finally…someone picked it up….thanks/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  29. thanks for the release i was hoping someone would pick this series back up

  30. Thank you for picking this up… it’s been so long and now that I look back at it, it’s almost been a year….
    I’m no Chinese/Japanese > English Translator, but I can help with Korean > English translations…. so yea…