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#2: Akame ga Kill!! ch.4

Posted on May 8, 2012 by in Akame ga Kill | 28 comments

Well, here we are again, with another chapter of Akame ga Kill. This time we got more members to the group, but it seems that more people involves also a need for more organization, and that delayed a little this release. Please bear with us while we find our own pace. Next chapter is already translated, so I don’t think it should take us too long to publish it.

Translation: Lucifell/Manshiro Edition: Manshiro/Aldron/MikoAucarod QC:Aldron

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  1. Really, thanks for picking up this series. I was sad that it was dropped. Then BAM, omg good stuff. You guys are great, keep up the good work! This manga is among my favorites for the action artwork and the dark boldness of the story.

  2. Am DLing this chap as I type this so can’t comment on the quality as of yet, but I have high expectations, so I doubt I’ll make any complaints if I comment again. Once again, thanks for the chapter.

    • And now that I’ve read the chapter, time for a second comment~

      Great job with the quality (though the only thing that totally confused me is that “Wono wono” in one page…). In all honesty, several months back I was trying to convince my group to let us take this proj (coz we were acquainted with its previous TLer, but he’s gone now…) but our boss wasn’t interested in it (that ass…), so I’m really glad to see a group givingt his series the quality job it deserves. Cheers to you guys! And cheers to this manga as well (more so for the fact that 2 of the things I work on were mentioned in this chap lol)

      • The “Wono Wono” thing was just the character saying nonsense stuff. Like those pokemons saying their own name. It seems it’s a feature of some of the villains, like the new bad guy at the last pages repeating “Happy happy”.

  3. Thank you very much for translating this series. With this release you guys are already faster than many other groups.

  4. Woot! Thank you very much for another chapter and so soon!! You guys are awesome.

  5. You guys are great! Thank you for scanlating Akame and releasing chapter 4 so fast!

  6. Thank you so much guys for your effort on this manga! This series is one of my favorite manga. Keep up your good work!

  7. Thanks again guys, see you in the next chapter!!

  8. when it’s stalled…’s stalled….
    when it’s active again…three group are doing it lol


    • Yeah, it’s what happens when there are public translations available. Anyone can clean and edit, it’s the Japanese to English step that makes harder to scanlate any series. In any case, we hope you stick to our version 🙂

      • i usually stick with one group/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    • Inconsistence here, I actually never plan to publish my speed scan on mangaupdates. It was only supposed to be for guys on jcafe and crazymanga who can’t wait for proper scan but opt to do so for some reason (mainly due to longass jcafe “cleaning” which took down the relevant thread).

      And you know what? if you look at the date I actually release mine before Pinkfatale, it’s just one day difference though and I still recommend people to get the proper version after they’re out.

      • It’s not like we own the series, so if anyone else wants to use public raws and translations is okay. We are doing this just for fun.

        • By proper release I mean yours or any other group’s release. I consider mine to be rushed and just like you, only doing it for fun. 🙂

  9. Yeah im also happy that someone picked up on this series.
    Thank you!

  10. Many thanks for the new chapter!

  11. tnx again for translating this i was very happy b’coz i thougt it will be long but it came fast and 2 chapter i can’t say how much i appreciate for your work guys keep it up guys
    you guys are awesome! xD

  12. ……Brad….? Seriously? lol

    • We are still trying to get some consistency in the names. Since “Raba” was romanized as “Lover”, I thought it was fair to romanize “Buraato” as Brad… probably.

      • Well honestly, romanizing “Raba” was a mistake on my part since at the time of the translation I didnt know his name. But going from Buraato to Brad is incorrect 😀

  13. Woot! thanks for the chaper, it was died for awhile but I hope it will start to pick up again
    Can’t wait for the next chapter, keep up the awesome work

  14. yep, thanks you guys for picked up this series , I’ve been waiting so long for this.

    BTW, I want to ask you guys for permission to translate your scanned version to translate into Vietnamese.

    Hope you guys will allow me to do that, and thanks again, arigatou…

    and can’t wait for chapter 5 ^^

    • No problem, go ahead.

      • ok thanks a lot 🙂

  15. from what i can read i can say that Akame ga Kill was reactivated by this group? – that means we are many chapters behind. That means you’re working on chapters that were released few moths a go or is it more?
    That would also explain why u’re releasing 54 scanlated pages for one chapter every week not month O_O.
    Don’t think bad of me im not really keeping track on what’s going on in manga world, i pick up on everything that’s in my opinion interesting and i think this manga is interesting.
    It will never be released in my country so i want to thank you again for pickin up on this.

    • Akame ga Kill is a series released monthly in Japan, there are currently 24 chapters compiled in 5 volumes. We are currently working in chapters from volume 2.

  16. Thanks for these releases! Interesting series, and you guys rock!