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#4: Akame ga Kill!! ch.6

Posted on May 24, 2012 by in Akame ga Kill | 13 comments

So as promised, here’s the next chapter of Akame. What do you say? Other groups have released until chapter 10? It’s fine, there are public raws and translations, so that’s normal. You may think it’s kinda pointless to have several versions if they are done from the same raws and translations. Well, we have a second Japanese translator proofing the script, and then an American proofer to check the script in English. We also take some extra time doing redrawings, please check the double page spreads in his chapter. They look nice, don’t you think? Noo?? You want speed? Get out of here you baka! :p

Jokes aside, the announce is that we are not going to drop Akame, so expect more releases from us. We are gonna keep using the translations of Lucifell, so our 2 translators on board are going to have time for 2 extra projects, one each one. But we need cleaners and typesetters for those new projects. We still need to play some catch up with Akame before being able to start, but if you wanna join us, please come and help us! I promise, the new series are gonna be good.

Credits for this chapter:
Translation: Lucifell
Proofreading: Manshiro / Officialis
Cleaning: Manshiro / MikoAucarod
Typesetting: Kuromu
QC: Aldron

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  1. thanks

    and its a good thing that you wont drop this, since i following your release, keep up the good work

  2. whoa, so god damn fast =))
    I thought you guys were being lazy for this week =)
    btw, thanks for the new chapter ^^

  3. Superb. Delighted to hear you won’t be dropping this series, it’s well worth the effort in my opinion.

    I just ask that your translator continues to proofread my work, since as I so often admit, I’m nothing more than an amateur practicing his Japanese. This series deserves the best, and so to do the readers.

    Once again, fantastic job guys, keep it up ^_^

  4. Awesome, I was really worried when releases stopped coming. Please continue the wonderful work!

  5. thanks

  6. Very glad to hear you won’t be dropping the series as I’ve enjoyed your work on it.

    Thanks for the new chapter, too!

  7. Not dropping it? Of course you ain’t! Why would you when groups with lower quality can’t be considered competition? (Am beginning to sound like an ass, so will shut up about the whole ‘other groups’ issue)

    Thanks for the great work as always. Groups that go through that much QC/PRing are always much appreciated.

  8. Thanks guys. Happy to see you won’t be dropping this manga, it doesn’t matter if takes time to release a chapter, better do a good work that is enjoyable, this manga deserve it.

  9. Awesome work as always. I definately wanna see what you guys are gonna release (I wanna try that Dream Hunter manga youve been speaking of it seems interesting)

  10. …You guys dead or something? No offense, but pretty sure chap 7’s status has been that way since chapter 6 was released…

    • Everything is fine, we just got busy with other things. Expect some news after the weekend.

      • That’s a relief, thanks Aldron 🙂

      • Oh, good. Looking forward to it. Will keep waiting for your versions then.