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PinkFatale status – Akame and other stuff

Posted on May 2, 2012 by in Akame ga Kill | 7 comments

I’m quite pleased and surprised with the positive reaction in our debut release, I wasn’t expecting that. The original idea was to grab a translation from mangahelpers, release it, forget about it and then start new projects, I’ve made a long list of candidates fitting the profile I had planned for PinkFatale. Take the image above, that’s Dream Hunter, the kind of series I like. Anyway, things changed and so the plans. This is what’s going to happen here: Akame stays, and once I can get a small team working with it, we’ll start a new project. The limit of projects in the group will be 2 or 3, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. I’d like to keep things small here.

Yesterday I had a relative visiting, so I couldn’t reply your messages. The contact form is working well, so don’t worry, I read your messages, just wait for me to contact you. Of course, the thing people want to know the most is this: “when are you going to release next chapter?” – Answer: soon! But don’t hold your breath, Akame has long chapters. Chapter 3 was fun, but if I have to edit long chapters in a regular basis, I have to take it easy or I’ll get tired of this very fast. See you guys later! There’s now at the rigth column a short status report, in that way you’ll know our progress.



    Akame is official now, thanks for picking this awesome manga. I want to see the other proyects too.

  2. Thanks again for staying with Akame. GL on future projects too!!

  3. Thanks for picking up Akame. Hope you form a good team.

  4. Yes! Really glad you decided to stick with it, and even gladder to be expecting the next chapter soon.

  5. Thank you soo much for Akame, and I hope you’ll release another one soon :3

    I’ve been waiting quite some time for ch3… xD

  6. Chapter 4 is already translated and proofing is in progress. Cleaning is already done, I’m just fixing some details. We’ll start typesetting on Sunday/Monday. I guess we could make a release on Monday/Thursday, so cross your figers, if everything goes okay you’ll read soon another chapter of Akame.

  7. Exellent news, thanks Aldron!!