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#6: Renai Shimasen ka? ch.1

Posted on Jun 28, 2012 by in Renai Shimasen ka? | 16 comments

Renai Shimasen ka? (Shall we love?) is a romantic comedy about an otaku wasting his time in a gal game appreciation club, the fujoshi girl who has a secret crush on him, and the misterious and clumsy big chested girl working in a maid cafe who seems to have certain interest in him. Say, this kind of plot works perfectly fine with me! I loved this chapter, I hope you like it too.

This is our first release after we dropped Akame, I know this won’t be as popular as that series, but hey! at least we are not releasing something done by a zillion of groups before us. Thanks a lot to Manshiro for the translation, he’s the reason this scanlation group survived after the Akame affair where we lost audience and staff members.

Credits for this chapter:
Raws/Proofreading/QC: Aldron
Translation: Manshiro
Cleaning: Aldron/MikoAucarod
Typesetting: Kuromu/Aldron

Aldron here, Aldron there… So few names… Hey, we need staff! all positions open. Fun fact: this chapter was done mostly by people who don’t have English as native language. So guess what? an American or British proofer would come handy. Really. I got tired of using online dictionaries to check the grammar. Tiresome, tiresome…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Seems interesting and I look forward to the project

    One critique though, you guys have a really bad grammar mistake on the first page with the girl’s final speech that you should fix in a V2

    • I know, it’s really shameful to release something with bad grammar, but as I said previously… we need proofers!!!!!! really. Americans, British, Aussies, I don’t mind as long it’s someone from a country where they speak English.

    • Oh, by the way, that mistake is fixed. Sheesh… what was I doing… Hmm… I spotted another mistake. HA!! I quit. Really, bring me a proofer!!

  3. Thanks for this release, this is an interesting and funny manga.

  4. too bad i don’t speak English. anyway, thanks guys!

  5. hmm.. another otaku protagonist. seems interesting! Thanks for this release

  6. Sounds interesting – thanks for the chapter!

  7. thank you for this awesome chapter! I can try to proofread for you too 🙂 if i’m going to rate my English i’d say 6.5 or 7/10. English is not my native language and i’m not a good English speaker but I can do well if it’s writing 😀 anyways good luck, looking forward for ch.2!

  8. I got interested in this manga. 😀 Thank you

    *checks out what the group needs*

  9. Thanks a lot for this release. This manga seems interesting.

  10. Wow, I was gonna start translating this today in hopes someone would pick it up, glad I don’t have to. Seems we share the same taste in manga lol

    Great job on chapter 01, the following chapters are even better, so I can’t wait for your next release!! Keep up the great work guys

  11. Thanks for this release. 😀 :D!!

  12. Thanks !

  13. No one speaks English…..?I may just be slow but all the comments are in english..

    • Are you talking about the fun fact of the post? Most of the staff for that chapter speaks English as second language, that’s what I meant (My native language is Spanish, Manshiro’s is German).