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PinkFatale status – Akame dropped!!

Posted on Jun 20, 2012 by in Akame ga Kill | 5 comments

Since last weekend my original idea was to release chapters 8-9 to finish volume 2 and then make the announcement, but for some reason I got contacted today twice about the project, so I thought it was better to let anyone interested in Akame know about our status. This project was very interesting, but the house was getting too crowded, just a few minutes after our last release, another group jumped into the arena doing Akame. And less than 48 hours later, yet another group did the same. So we think it’s better to work in a series that no one else is doing. Akame is doing well, so we can say goodbye and part ways. We may relase later some pending stuff, but we are no longer working with Akame Ga kill.

With Akame now in the past, what’s next for us? dunno, hopefully some translator wants to work with us, otherwise we are not gonna last that long. In the meanwhile, we are getting ready for our new project. We hope you like it!

By the way, do you know japanese? don’t just stare at us, come and join us now! We also need cleaners able to make redrawings.

Aldron, off!!


  1. I hope you’ll find a new interesting project that you’ll want to work on soon.

    • Thanks! we are already working in our next project, I read the first chapter and I’m hooked already, so I hope everyone likes it.

  2. its weird how so many groups appear with akame after your group appeared and released new chapters. Anyways good luck with your new projects I hope to see them in the future.

  3. I would like to thank everyone at pinkfatale although i dropped your groups subs because I am very impatient and could not wait. It is because of your group I was able to find a new series and I hope you will find another project even half as interesting.

    • Since this is just a side hobby for us, we were never meant to be an speedy group. When we started doing Akame we didn’t know Lucifel was such a prolific translator, otherwise we wouldn’t even touch the project. We don’t have what it takes to meet such a frantic release schedule.