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PinkFatale Status: June 2012

Posted on Jun 15, 2012 by in PinkFatale | 15 comments

Despite being so optimistic last time, truth is that being late in the release race against other groups was a killer for the interest of the now gone members of the team. Moreover, I tried to convince a couple of friends from other scanlation group to help us with the cleaning, but they were really not interested in Akame. They tried and did a couple of chapters (you are best, miko and harumi <3), but they weren't motivated and spent too much time to complete them. Anyway, to make the story short, the only people active in PinkFatale now is me, Manshiro and Kuromu. Any good news you ask? Well, online raws for volume 3 were so awful, that I went to Amazon and bought the tankoubon, and I'm ready to scan it and make a very nice release with high quality raws, even if it's only Manshiro and Kuromu helping. But before doing so, I wonder if you, our audience, are you still interested? Please let us know what you think and if you want us to continue! If you still want us around, we'll keep doing our best, but we really need more staff to come an help us! (Some comments to cheer us up wouldn't hurt, btw) We have more news: after voting between 4 posible choices, we selected a new project, but unfortunately our translator Manshiro will be busy with school until late July (those darn exams!!), so even if we dropped Akame, we can't start a new project until August. Say... all this sounds bad, huh? We are in a real pinch, so please, please! Join the staff. More than anything else, we need translators (if you don’t need furigana, the better!), but we also need a couple of cleaners who can handle redrawings, a typesetter and a good proofer.

Please come and help us before it’s too late!

Aldron: off!!


  1. You guys are great,but why dont you join forces with other groups.Because 3 or 4 groups for 1 manga to much.i understand,that you have raws and ect.but dont waste your precieus time.and i wish you good luck!

    • I have previous experiences with joint projects in other scanlation groups and they usually only slow down the release rate – too many people working in the same thing only makes everything complex. It’s hard to coordinate things with people with different time zones, different groups, different objectives and even different egos. On the other hand, we have raws only for already released chapters, I don’t think they are interested in something like that. I have to admit I’m having some bitter feelings about this project, but we can’t start new things without help.

  2. keep up the good work and good luck btw tnks for the scanlations

  3. First of all thanks!! Now i do belive you guys do a good job with Akame and the raws for the third volume since you already bought them it would be kinda a waste not to use them.
    Do you guys have any other ptojects in mind do to?
    If you guys do have them i think you guys should stop doing Akame for now and do a new series and re-pick up Akame at volume 3.

    But i´ll be happy with what you guys decide to do 😀 (unless if the decision is to “end” the group

    • As I said above, yeah, a new project has been picked, but we can’t start yet cause Manshiro will be busy, he’s our only translator active. So for now it’s Akame or nothing until August. We are in a really big need of a translator.

      • I would stick with akame until August

  4. That’s really terrible. 🙁 You guys are definitely the best of scanlators working on this series. I would certainly help if I wasn’t so busy with RL at the moment. Hope you pull through, best wishes.

  5. Thanks for all your hard work bringing us this series. To be honest, if you guys drop it I don’t know that I’d continue reading it. It hasn’t held my interest as much as I’d hoped, and the only reason I’m still reading it is because you guys are doing such a great job with the chapters.

    Anyway, I have no experience or skill with anything to do with scanlations, so I can’t help you there, but I wish you all the best and I’ll be rooting for you!

  6. I think you guys do a great job with Akame so I hope you’ll keep it up. I can’t do anything so can’t join sadly but I hope you’ll find staff.

  7. Thanks for translating Akame! I too prefer your releases over the other groups, and so long as you plan to keep releasing it, I’ll wait for yours rather than reading the other groups.

  8. You are doing a really, really good job with Akame and it would be great to see the series in tankoubon format. In terms of quality your releases are the best of the bunch!
    Even so, it seems kind of pointless to continue when the other groups are faster than you. You will not get many readers when you are lagging 9 chapters behind. Most people are impatient beings. And it is not like the other groups do a bad job. Honestly, I have seen worse. Their releases are quite all right!
    My opionion: You should drop Akame for now and do another project in August.

  9. Can I help you guys in cleaning? It’s the thing that I can maybe help you guys ^^ because your translation is the best, and I don’t want you guys to drop this series

    • Cleaners is what we need the most for Akame, so please come at the forum and let’s begin

  10. Hey.
    Here I send some cleaned chapters of Akame ga Kill!
    clean chapters: 21 – 24
    only page 68 in folder 21 have a text in it, cause I missed it.

    Download link:

  11. wanted to say thanks for continuing “akame ga kiru!” using the tankoubon rather than the share raws. saving each of your releases. you might want to get in touch with “dyspathy” at the “halibut” since he’s used to what you’re going through (ie. hijacked projects)