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#9: Renai Shimasen ka? ch.4

Posted on Oct 12, 2012 by in Renai Shimasen ka? | 17 comments

Renai Shimasen ka chapter 4

Did you miss us? no? ah, but you did miss this wonderful series, right? Well, here goes more “Shall we love?” for you guys! In this chapter it’s convention time and Ruri will try her best to capture her senpai’s heart wearing a very cute outfit. Will she succeed? Enjoy the chapter!

Credits for this chapter:
Raws/QC: Aldron
Translation: Manshiro
Cleaning: JoeMac/Aldron
Typesetting: Harumi
Proofing: Omnomnom/Demosnam
Credits page: Harumi

Welcome to Harumi and JoeMac who are now joining our ranks. By the way, Harumi did a splendind credits page, thanks!! Chapters 5 and 6 are already translated and we are cleaning the chapters. Despite having several applications we are having some issues to find people who can redraw or who are experienced cleaning magazine raws using topaz, so we still need your help. On the other hand, we are getting ready to start 2 new projects. In the “misterious project 1” we already cleaned the first tank, and the first 3 chapters are waiting for QC. The “misterious project 2” is giving us some problems. The translation of the first chapter is ready thanks to the awesome Manshiro, but since that thing has 70 pages with 10 double pages to join, we are having a hard time with those raws. If you can redraw, we really need you! come now!!! It’s a wonderful series, you won’t regret it. Ah, we also need proofers.

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