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#10: Renai Shimasen ka? ch.5

Posted on Jan 5, 2013 by in Renai Shimasen ka? | 7 comments

Renai Shimasen ka? ch.5

Nope, we are not dead, but I may as well be dead. My personal life sucks, so I’m back to scanlation to try to refresh my mind. I’m sorry for the lack of updates, and I’m sorry to the staff to let you hanging out like that, but you are not gonna believe how much stuff is getting between me and a single release. I’m not going to give you full details for now, so let’s get back to business. Thanks to the people of animexis for lending such a big help to edit this chapter.

Credits for this chapter:
Raws/QC: Kanapox (animexis)
Translation: Manshiro (pinkfatale) / Cham (animexis)
Cleaning: MikoAucarod (animexis)
Typesetting: MikoAucarod (animexis)
Proofing: Demosnam (pinkfatale)
Credits page: Harumi (pinkfatale)

This chapter is awesome. I mean, really, you are gonna die of moe. That Fuwari is a killer. Everyone in the staff is awesome, but I want to give a big thank you to Harumi who did an wesome job coloring Fuwari for the credits page. I have no more to say, go get your stuff:

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